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Reflections_modules 1 and 2


Activity 3: Netiquette

The article from Gary (1996) makes me realized why some conversations through the Internet, portable devices like phones or any other impersonal way of communication become a 'flaming spiral' between people. There are plenty reasons, but most of them are a result from the incorrectly use of words, capital letters, emotions, comments, etc. The ironic point is for me, that people sometimes are unaware of it. Sometimes, those mistakes are also related with the cultural conventions.
Besides, I think that it is important to be aware and to take into account these principles on written communications, even more when one knows that comments posted in any public place can be spread it around. These principles help to me to know how to maintain an appropriate relationship with the other person who is writing to me. At the same time, the knowledge of these rules makes me help to act as a spokesperson to my students or anybody else.

Activity 7. Reflecting on what I will learn

I had registered in this course in order to know more about the use of technology. I would like to combine the knowledge that I will get in it with the contents that I used to teach at school. I consider students develop better in the process of teaching-learning with technology. At the same time, I hope to learn from my partners and Miguel, because I consider that I do not know everything about technology. I would like to know a fast way to find pages about reading for children. I had spent long time doing it some months ago. I hope to learn how to use the many tools that are able on the Web.

Module 2

Activity1: What is Technology?

     Today, technology represents for me a useful, interesting and fast tool. It makes possible to find, to send, and to publish information about politics, technology, sports, music, education, health and so on. In latest years it has been introducing in the educational field as an alternative way for teaching-learning. I believe that Technology is a means to an end to get interactive and educational ways which help them to spread the contents and result from their areas.

Activity 2: My experience with technology

In my experience with technology, I could say that I have been learning more and more everyday. I enjoy using technology, it helps me a lot. Through it I can develop myself in educational, social and health aspects. I like to investigate about health, through it I found the sisters of my husband in another country; I can maintain my friendship with friends who had moved to another countries for different reason.  Besides I have been getting job and educational opportunities.

Activity 4:

a)   Technology Advantages:

·         Makes to create and maintain relationship among people possible.
·         Makes to find, search and publish information possible.
·         Help to meet people from different places.
·         Makes entertain people possible.
·         Help to buy and sell anything.
·         Help children to enjoy plays, know new vocabulary and friends.
·         Encourage creativity in people.
·         Help to find and save people in problems.

b)   Technology Disadvantages:

·         Create an addiction for people.
·         Support kidnappings, cheats and prostitutions.
·         Help to create false perspectives from anything or anyone.
·         Force people to stay for a long time in front of a computer.
·         Help to start and develop different kind of wars and battles all over the world.

Activity 5: Questioning myself

1.   Where did technology start and develop?
2.   What was the main purpose to create technology?
3.   How many countries around the world use technology to teach?
4.   Why some pages for children have difficult contents reading for them?

Activity 6: Teaching examples of learning technology

Activity7: Reflections and further reading

      I really appreciated the information in the Gary’s (1996) article about netiquette and its quiz. I like to express my perceptions about the technology, because I had read from some researches that students’ perceptions are very useful in the development of syllabus.

I hope to get more readings about the use of technology.

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